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Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School


Program Duration
Jul 08
Aug 09
The only AACSB accredited Catholic university in Taiwan, proud of holding rich international academic resources. Emphasis on humanistic spirit of students' body and mind. Outstanding alumni in business, politics, sports, art fields etc.

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7 year experience of teaching and management

The summer school with Harvard, Yale, MIT faculty, plus WES accreditation.

Highest partner university numbers, widest course fields, most student groups, fastest developed.

  • 100+ Professors Worldwide
  • 500+ US/CA Univ. Recognized
  • 6000+ Students' Choice

Why Summer School in Taiwan?

Only 200 USD/credits compared to US/CA summer schools. Comfortable learning environment with friends and family. Eventful 5 weeks guarantee you equal satisficaiton as 6-8 weeks program overseas.

  • Low Cost
  • Hometown
  • Short Term

Why North American Prerequisite for High School Students?

Conquering the fear of English persentation and falling behind in US universities with 5 weeks summer classes.

  • College Courses
  • Recommendation Letter
  • USA System
  • Networking

Splendid Summer Memory in Five Weeks

North American standardized curriculum with 3 credits each course

Every course we offer is North American standardized with credits. Language of instruction, course context and selection of teaching materials all strictly follow the requirements of universities in USA and Canada. We offer 20+ courses covering Economy, Business, Social Science and Humanities, Science, etc. and are confident to meet the needs of students in various majors. Students currently studying or being admitted to study in North America can take courses equal to one semester in North America here and transfer credits back to their home university.This is a great way for students to finish required credits with less time spent.

Plan career development and build bright future

We provide career development consultation, including academic workshop and career planning program. You will be given the chance to listen to veterans' career developing stories, to enrich your industry knowledge and gain experience. It's always our fervent wish that students first learn something from professors here, second cultivate pursuasive skills, logical thinking and critical thinking skills, open their eyes and make the blueprint of their future with the experienced around them.

Recommendation letters from Ivy-League professors

The faculty team are consisted by professors/ associate professors/ instructors from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Columbia University, etc. Students will have an opportunity to communicate with them during the 5-week summer program. Those with excellent academic performance are acqured with a chance to earn recommendation letters, which has a tremendously positive effect on building their core strenth in job hunting or further study overseas.

Highly rewarding internship and work experience

We strives to create a high-end communication platform for elite students worldwide, North American scholars and  top 500  companies globally. Every year, we recruit teaching assistants for professors coming to Taiwan, and provides internships in financial institutions and markets in North America. We encourage students to improve their core strenth, achieve self-worth and gain work experience ahead of their peers.

Top social networking platform with elites

Outstanding students from different universities and background poll together to learn and share their achievement and life stories. This is where you obtain study tips from senior classmates standing out from the crowd, listen to amazing campus life stories from of social media influencers and learn novel business models of emerging entrepreneurs in North America. You will be inspired beyond your own imagination and embrace a new fruitful academic and career possibility.

Various summer activities in different cities

Every year, we hold a series of intercity weekend outings, such as Pool Party, Beach Music Festival and Chinese cultural experience activities. Students can not only enjoy favorable academic atmosphere of North American high-end education but also enjoy wonderful summer time to enrich their learning and life this summer vacation.

Faculty Intro

Faculty Intro MORE >



We follow the motto of "high quality, fine teaching" and focus on teaching innovation, academic research ability as well as faculty influence in their universities. The teachers are from prestigious universities in North America, such as Harvard University, MIT, Standford University, Yale University and Columbia University.

The structure and organization of faculty team follow AACSB international certification (USA). Among team members, 50% or more Professors/ Associate Professors/ Assistant Professors are equiped with teaching and researching ability. 40% or more Professors/ Associate Professors/ Assistant Professors/ Lecturers are equiped with teaching and practical ability.

  • Currently teaching four graduate courses at Harvard University, Kevin's publications include When is a "Sale" not a Taxable "Sale?" and The impact of Jumpstart Our Business Start-Up 2012 (JOBS) on the Cost of Capital.

    Kevin F. Wall
  • Malcah teaches English writing, rhetoric and professional communication and public speaking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also serves as a Writing Resource Center consultant from time to time.

    Malcah Effron
  • From Professor

    Hello, my name is Malcah Effron. During the regular academic year, I teach writing, rhetoric and professional communication program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The summer program is in its mission to provide Chinese students studying at American institutions the opportunities to go home over their summer and still take course work like their American colleagues are doing. I think it’s a great idea. I am very happy to communicate with so many lovely students this summer and provide all kinds of consulting service for them. No matter in study or in time management and study skills, I hope I can help them to make batter decisions, so that they can study, live and plan their career better.

  • From Professor

    The summer abroad in 2017 is a fantastic experience. It offers the possibility of teaching students in a new, international environment and the ability to travel and experience new cultures. Most students are highly intelligent and motivated. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • From Students

    2017 summer is the first time I took summer class here. Everything went well from course evaluation to credit transfer back to Manitoba. The exams, weekend outings, workshops, academic interaction with professors all left me a strong impression. I made many Taiwanese friends in this trip. They showed me local food and life, natural scenery and their hospitality. The time here is definitely an amazing journey with harvest in both knowledge and life experience, which boosts me confidence in my future. Thank you very much! Hope you'll grow better and provide us students in North America more support.

  • From Students

    There were red tiles, green trees, blue sea and sky in the summer of 2017. I meet all the cool friends here. I came here for earning more credits in summer, so that I could have more time to do something helpful for my career development. Many of my classmates choose this summer courses They deem that the courses offered by this summer program's cooperative universities are equally same with that in North America. As for me, however, this experience of a short span of time means much more than that in the United States. Zetian Xia from Western Ontario University. I completed the whole semester's courses within five weeks, so I can go ahead of my college program.

  • From Students

    I learned this program from college counselor and decided to give it a try this summer (2017). The professor is extremely patient. Every time he gives back the graded assisgnment, he'd come down to discuss one on one with us what and how to improve. I used to shake like crazy giving presentation in class. When I went on stage in last class though, I had a great improvement! The 5-week program helped me a lot for sure and boosted my confidence in prepraring English speaking and writing in college.

  • From Students

    All courses are challenging, solid, intense and the professor is hard working. It opens my eyes for the world of math, also changes my career plan. Thank you very much, for offering me much help and info even before course selection. You were there whenever I encountered difficulities during the school time. Again I can't thank you more!

  • Malcah Effron
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Joshua Hall
    University of San Diego
  • Yucong Shang
    University of Manitoba
  • Zetian Xia
    University of Western Ontario
  • Sammi Chi
    Kang Chiao International School
  • Ping-Han Huang
    Taipei Medical University

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What to do in summer? Study tour? Studying abroad? Cram school? Let us choose for you. Jiufen, Yilan, pool party, cave diving, Chinese lantern, green onion pancake etc. Taiwan the wonderland, here for you to explore.

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