Melania Trump Shares Her Easter Message and Appears at Brunch with Her Husband Following Media Scrutiny

Melania Trump shares her first public communication in weeks. 

The beautiful Melania Trump has been silent for weeks on social media.  Yesterday President Trump’s first lady shared the following tweet with the words “Happy Easter” and a picture of a beautiful rose.

This was Melania Trump’s first social media post since the bogus arraignment in New York last week.

Melania also showed up Easter morning with President Trump at brunch in Mar-a-Lago.  She looked lovely as always.

Beautiful Melania Trump Enjoys Easter Brunch at Mar-a-Lago with her Husband Donald Trump

Meanwhile, Vogue magazine ignored Melania Trump, although she is the most beautiful first lady in history.  The mainstream media did all they could to prevent the lovely first lady from being portrayed as the woman she is.  They knew that she was a tremendous asset for President Trump and a great role model for the nation.

Melania is a woman Americans admire and are proud of.

This same media that disparaged Melania Trump is happy to share pictures of Stormy Daniels, the porn star who was allegedly involved in an affair with citizen Trump years ago.  Vogue shared pictures of Daniels in one of their recent publications.

Vogue Magazine Features Stormy Daniels in Its Pages – But Ignored America’s Most Elegant First Lady Melania Trump for 4 Years

The far-left has done all it could to destroy President Trump, his family, and this nation.  They hate the goodness of America.  

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