Kash Patel on Historic Dept. of Defense Intel Leaks: Biden Regime Has Failed Safeguard National Security and Take on Our Adversaries is Failing to Do Both on a Monstrous Level (VIDEO)

Former chief of staff to the acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, Kash Patel, joined Sean Duffy on Kudlow Special Edition on Monday to discuss the explosive Department of Defense leaks that were recently posted online.

Secret details of US analysis of Ukraine War, China, terrorism, Israel, and the Middle East were leaked online in recent weeks. The Biden regime first said the documents were altered. Now they insist this was a serious breach and they do not know the information was leaked out of the DoD.

The documents contain information on Ukrainian losses in the war and an alleged upcoming assault by Ukraine and its allies into Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine.

Kash Patel unloaded on serial liar John Kirby and the inept and dangerous Biden regime.

Kash Patel: What I do know is this from running the intelligence community in the DoD, they sat on this leak for three weeks, at least. We will probably find out it was longer. They tried to get the media to say it was a “false, fake leak.” Then when they got caught a month later they finally said it was a serious classified leak. And let me just tell you, when you talk about Ukraine, war planning operations, China, and the Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, That’s some of the more sensitive collection that we have which only a handful of Americans have access to.

So they’ve known about it, they’ve let it happen, and now they’ve metastasized that problem by just punting the football down the road to hopefully watch it go away. And the rest of the world has been at it, photographing it and manipulating it and using it against America’s interest. And the only thing the Biden administration can tell you is, I don’t know.

Sean Duffy: So it’s interesting you say only a small number of people have access to it, so it shouldn’t be that hard one to figure out who leaked the documents out online, if they were leaked, or do you think we were possibly hacked? Did a foreign entity hack us and then release the documents? What happened here?

Kash Patel: If it’s the latter and we’re talking about foreign entity hacking, we are talking about some of the most sophisticated hacking operations into the DoD network ever. And it would be tragic for America if that were the case. I know a leak of classified information of this nature is felonious and is extremely damaging to national security. But if I were to have to pick between the two, a leak would be better. And you’re right. The DOJ could have came in and investigated this matter early in from Jump Street. And from an intelligence community perspective, what the American public should have been known or told was that we have a leak, it’s under control, and we are not going to let our enemies utilize this information against us. But, no, they sat on it, just like they sat on the facts in Afghanistan, and just like they sat on the facts on our border and anything else to do with national security. And the only people that are harmed are the citizens of this country…

…What’s more shocking is what you just highlighted in the document. They said that essentially the American plan is failing in the Ukraine, according to this classified intelligence leak. But the propaganda from the Biden administration is that we are being wildly successful in the Ukraine. The two cannot coexist. And I think this classified leaks document exposes the lies of the Biden administration and the falsities about pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into a war that we have no business interfering with because we couldn’t even prevent it in the first place. And I think America is about to learn a hard reality check that this government that is supposed to safeguard our national security and take on our adversaries is failing to do both on a monstrous level that’s detrimental to us.

Via Kudlow:

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