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Christos Michalopoulos

Education Background

Ph.D. in Econometrics, 2013, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

M.Sc. in Statistics, 2009, University of Sheffield, UK.

B.Sc. in Mathematics, 2015, Open University, London, UK.

IMC Investment Management Certificate (IMC), 2003

M.Sc. in Economics and Finance, 2001, University of Bristol, UK.

B.A. in International Economics and Finance, 1999, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece.

Teaching Background

2013-Present: Teaching Econometrics, Quantitative Finance. Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

July, 2006 - September, 2007: Research Assistant, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

October, 2001 - January, 2006: Head Quantitative Analyst, Hargreaves-Lansdown, Bristol, UK

Research Field

Kuan, C.M., C. Michalopoulos and Zhijie Xiao. 2017. ”Quantile Regression on Quantile Ranges - A Threshold Approach”. Journal of Time Series Analysis, Vol.38, pp.99-119.

H-L. Tao and C. Michalopoulos, 2017, ”Gender Equality and the Gender Gap in Math- ematics”, Journal of Biosocial Science. 

Research interests include Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics, Applied Finance, Quantile Regression, Non-linear models, Mathematical Statistics, Probability Theory.