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WES verification

World Education Services (WES) is the biggest credential evaluation company in U.S.A, who provides grades/ documents verification for international students and professionals to reach their goals of studying and working in North America. With over 40 years experience, it has received acknowledgement in US and Canadian high education institutes. 

Some home universities require your grades and credits taken at summer school being verified by WES before mailing to school. You may follow below instructions to apply for evaluation. You'll need to have official transcript mailed to WES first, then to home university after success of verification. 

Step 1: Log in official website (http://www.wes.org/application/apply_now.asp) and click "Apply Now" if your home university is in U.S.A. If in Canada, please click "WES Canada website" and apply at corresponding website. 

Step 2: Fill in basic personal information. After you finish, click “Create an Account” to create your personal account at WES.

Step 3: Now you're under official application process. Please fill in more personal info as well as delivery info. Click "Continue" after you finish.  

Step 4: Fill in info of academic documents you'd like to be verified. Please fill in info of summer school transcript based on facts, including university name, location, type of education etc. Click "Continue" after you finish.  

Step 5: Confirm specific form of verification in this page. For university application or credit transfer, choose the option of $160. If you have any questions or concerns, please confirm with course advisor at host universities. Click "Continue" after you finish.  

Step 6: Choose method of delivery in this page. Click "Continue" after you finish.  

Step 7: Select payment method in this page. Click "Continue" after you finish.

Step 8: Fill in detailed payment info and click "Submit the payment" after confirming all info correct. (Note: credits cards issued by non-American banks must support dual or triple-currency payment).Your application finishes here. 

Note: For students studying in Taiwan campus, an "Academic Records Request Form" is required to be mailed to WES along with official transcript. Host university is responsible for filling corresponding info. You can download the form here: http://wes.org/required/index.asp?lctryid=147