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About FJCU

     Fu Jen Catholic University, located in Xinzhuang City, Xinzhuang District, Taiwan, is a well-known institution of higher education. Its predecessors are Fu Jen Catholic agency established in 1913 by the Qing Dynasty Red Flag royalty Ying Lianzhi, and the Catholic University of Peking chaired by the American Benedictine in 1925. So far, it is still the only pontifical university in modern China and contemporary Taiwan, as well as the third full-scale disciplinary comprehensive university across Taiwan. Having gained the special status, the diplomas approved and issued by Fu Jen Catholic University are generally verified by UNESCO and accepted by most European countries. Besides, Fu Jen Catholic University has the first AACSB verified business school in both China mainland and Taiwan area. The globalized education resources have kept ranking No.1 in Taiwan area.

     Fu Jen Catholic University was the first university established in Taiwan by the Catholics. It has a history of almost 90 years. It advocates respect for God and love for others, and strives for holistic education. In addition to develop cultivate talents that are excellent in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic education, it is willing to serve and contribute to social groups by various academic activities and community services. What’s more, through persistent and objective research, it is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the blend of Chinese and Western culture so as to achieving the goal of enhancing human blessings and promoting Great Harmony. Now there are 11 colleges (literature, art, education, communication, medicine, science and engineering, foreign languages, people's livelihood, law, social sciences, and management), 46 faculties, 46 master classes, 21 executive master classes, 11 doctoral classes, and the bachelor program of extension education which includes 16 faculties and degree programs. Besides, there are two-year nursing special classes of continuing education.

     In addition to upholding the unique mission of the church started university, Fu Jen Catholic University emphasizes the total value of the unity of heart and soul; puts "love" as the core of education; orientates its development towards the Catholic University that practices truth, kindness, beauty and sublime, as well as the comprehensive university that emphasizes both teaching and research; and joins forces to train holistic students as generalists and specialists. The university attaches importance to all-round development and social care education, strengthens the interdisciplinary study throughout colleges, and promotes learning outside the classroom. Through formal courses, informal courses and activity experiences, it shapes and nourishes students to pursue knowledge and explore life in order to possess moral goodness and courage to serve and care society.

     When it comes to education, Fu Jen Catholic University is dedicated to developing generalists and specialists, especially cultivating humanism so that the students can have noble sentiments and rich life in the remainder of employment. Furthermore, to expand the contact level, the university has signed with 117 universities worldwide (until July 2007) as sister schools, throughout Asia, Europe, America, and Australia, and has founded "Fu Jen elite grant to study abroad" to help students go abroad for further study or obtain dual degree.

     Fu Jen Catholic University is possessed of extensive international cooperation network, and has established a close cooperative relationship with universities in Asia, Europe and America. The history and prestige of being founded in Beijing is attractive to mainland students, which can promote cross-strait academic cooperation. The high quality teaching environment and equipment, the efficient and dedicated administrative service support, and the engagement in professional, independent, innovative and excellent teaching and research, can foster students in a rich Christian fraternity atmosphere who are keen to learn, brave to take responsibility, willing to serve and  curious to explore the meaning of life.

     Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School was operated in the year 2013. The university has designed a series of North American standard courses, invited professors from world popular universities and succeeded in students’ credit transfer. Besides the credit transfer, the summer school has also enhanced culture exchange and cooperation between China mainland and Taiwan area.  

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