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Application Instructions & Forms

Fu Jen Catholic University International summer school welcomes undergraduate students worldwide, incoming freshman and high school students who perform excellently in academic fields.

Apply for summer school program
1. Go through course evaluation process to make sure the credits taken here can transfer back to your home university;
2. Apply Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School online, and submit all necessary expense. "Apply now";
3. After program closure, host university will mail one paper copy of official transcript to office handling overseas credits transfer business in your home university. Please make sure you provide accurate address for mailing before leaving summer school, and keep on track with transferring process after transcript is received by your university.
4. Log in your student account of home university to confirm success of credit transfer 2~3 weeks afterwards. Please contact officers if the process falls behind schedule. 

Course Evaluation
1. Write an email to your course advisor with following information listed:
Title of summer school program/ course title(s)/ course code(s)/ credits per course;
2. Confirm acceptance of credits taken in summer school by your home university:
- Which course in your home university is corresponded to? 
- How many credits per course?
3. Once you receive approval from course advisor, you're ready to sign up summer school program. 
4. The whole process takes 1~3 weeks. Please be patient if you don't hear from advisor immediately. Write follow-up email if necessary. 
Note: Certain departures or colleges/schools in certain universities require specific forms or payments. For more information, please contact customer service. 

Apply for accommodation (optional)
1. Sigh in your summer school account and click "apply for accommodation";
2. Choose room type and submit your application;
3. Pay full expense 48 hours within application submission;
4. Fill in payment information in "Financial Center" of your ONPS Student Center t and submit;
5. We will confirm your application and make arrangement upon receipt of payment;
6. Check in after signing in to summer school.


Below is a list of forms you'll find useful before, during and after summer school program.