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School Calendar

The operation of Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School will be in strict accordance with important dates of host university.

Program duration: 2019/07/08 (Monday) -- 2019/08/09 (Friday);

Items Dates
 Application Start September 4th (Mon.)
Early Application I December 1st (Fri.)
Early Application II January 1st (Mon.)
Early Application III February 1st (Thurs.)
Early Application IV March 1st (Thurs.)
Early Application V April 1st (Sun.)
Late Application After June 1st (Fri.)
Deadline of Accommodation Application May 21st (Tue.)
Deadline of Tuition Payment July 6th (Sat.)
Airport Pickup/ Student Sign-in July 7th (Sun.)
Program Opening  July 8th (Mon.)
Deadline of Course Adjustment  July 10th (Wed.)
Deadline of Course Withdrawal 
(W marked on transcript)
August 1st (Thurs.)
Final Exam August 9th (Fri.)
Program Closure  August 10th (Sat.)
Final Score Announcement 
(available on Student Center)
August 16th (Fri.)
Deadline of Enquiry of Result  August 21st (Wed.)
Transcript Delivery Departure September 2nd (Mon.)

Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School will provide airport pick up service on sign-in day. Please refer to above table for important events and dates. After program closure, Fu Jen Catholic University International Summer School will mail out all the transcripts within one month.